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279138Re: Accepting email regardless of address

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  • Noel Jones
    Aug 3, 2011
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      On 8/3/2011 11:05 AM, Jirka Bourek wrote:
      > Noel Jones wrote:
      >> Seems to me if you're getting a "relay access denied" then the
      >> @... is working, and you have some other rule that's
      >> rejecting the mail. Or maybe you somehow removed "testing.domain"
      >> from relay_domains.
      >> Sorry, I don't debug SQL. I suggest you get it working with flat
      >> files first, then duplicate the setup with your SQL.
      > With flat files it works as expected - when I add "testing.domain"
      > into relay_domains and "@... OK" into
      > relay_recipient_maps hash file, Postfix accepts the mail and
      > forwards it.
      >>> I was expecting Postfix to send some query with "@..."
      >>> (which would hint me what should I add into DB), but no such query
      >>> in PostgreSQL log.
      >>> Any ideas?
      >> Maybe your query is broken.
      > That's not what I meant. Le me explain:
      > Let's say I use hash file for relay_recipient_maps, and send e-mail
      > to recipient@.... According to Postfix log, it tries to
      > find "recipient@..." in the hash file. It doesn't find
      > the record, so in the next step it tries to find "@...";
      > that's there in the form "@... OK", so Postfix accepts
      > the mail.

      Good. That's how it should work.

      > When I switch to pgsql, Postfix tries to find
      > "recipient@..." in DB. Again, it finds nothing, but this
      > time the other step - attempt to find @... somehow - is
      > skipped and Postfix returns error right away.
      > So while it's possible that my query is broken, I was assuming that
      > Postfix will try it regardless.

      Nothing in the postfix docs support your claim -- postfix
      relay_recipient_maps behaves the same regardless of the data source.
      I think your query is broken.

      Sorry, I can't help further with debugging your query. Consider
      starting a new thread and including your queries, logs, and postconf -n.

      -- Noel Jones
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