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  • Hari Hendaryanto
    Aug 3, 2011
      On 8/2/2011 2:29 AM, Wietse Venema wrote:
      > Hari Hendaryanto:
      >> Hello,
      >> I've created a patch that mimicked tcp_table. however, the table lookups
      >> are directed to a unix domain socket instead of tcp servers.
      >> Actually, the patch itself is a modification of the source code of
      >> tcp_table.
      >> Map names have the form usock:/path/to/socket
      >> If i'm not on the right path, can i request similiar feature.? (it would
      >> be great to have both tcp|unix-domain-socket_table)
      >> tcp_table is great, its simple protocol allows us to talk to various
      >> applications.
      > This really sounds like a name space design issue, since the
      > map-specific protocol does not change.
      > foo:tcp:host:port
      > foo:unix:/pathname
      > foo:tls:tcp:host:port
      > This needs further thought.
      > Wietse
      I have another scenario


      The reason why i wanted this feature is, by using unix domain socket i
      can protect my backend server from interference on multiuser environment.
      while tcp server is adequate for my single administrator/user
      environment server.


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