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279101RE: Accepting email regardless of address

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  • Jason Gauthier
    Aug 2, 2011
      >> Now, my requirements have changes. I have acquired a domain, we'll call it xyz.com. I don't host it, and never have. Therefore, I do not know what email addresses are valid. I would like to capture *any* email address sent to xyz.com and accept it, and deliver it somehow.
      >> I'm not sure how to accomplish this task yet, and looking for ideas. One inchoate idea I have, is translating all the email address to 'xyz.com' to an existing, valid, email address.

      >[We use the term "reject" rather than "bounce". Reject means your server never accepts the undeliverable mail, which is good. Bounce means you accept the mail >and then return it to the (frequently
      >forged) sender address, which is bad. Bouncing undeliverable mail will clog up your mail server with undeliverable messages and will eventually get you blacklisted.]

      Good to know. Definitely meant REJECT, versus bounce. I used the phrase bouncer as a metaphor to the large bodyguards that stereotypically guard a club from unwanted guests. ;)


      <example cut>

      This is what I was looking for. Thanks! I will work this out!
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