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279095Re: Accepting email regardless of address

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  • Dennis Carr
    Aug 2, 2011
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      I'd suggest configuring as secondary, setting the MX record for this box as a primary, and use transport maps as suggested.

      -Dennis Carr
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      Jason Gauthier <jgauthier@...> wrote:

      Due to a new business requirement, I need to make a change with postfix that I am not certain how to handle.
      First, I use postfix as a relay only system. It does not do local delivery. Once it does it's tasks it passes the email to a backend email system.
      On the frontend, postfix handles several domains, and will bounce unknown email by using relay_recipients:
      relay_recipient_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/relay_recipients

      relay_recipients is populated from backend from legitimate email addresses. These makes the postfix system a nice 'bouncer' for unknowns :)

      Now, my requirements have changes. I have acquired a domain, we'll call it xyz.com. I don't host it, and never have. Therefore, I do not know what email addresses are valid. I would like to capture *any* email address sent to xyz.com and accept it, and deliver it somehow.

      I'm not sure how to accomplish this task yet, and looking for ideas. One inchoate idea I have, is translating all the email address to 'xyz.com' to an existing, valid, email address.



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