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277627Re: SORBS and mailing lists

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  • Florian Effenberger
    Jun 1, 2011
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      2011/6/1 <lst_hoe02@...>:

      > It is the duty of the *receiving* end to carefully choose which RBLs to use.
      > If they choose to use a unreliable one, they got what they deserve. You

      indeed, but still, there are many postmasters out there, solely
      relying on SORBS.

      > might check your listing here http://multirbl.valli.org/ to see if others
      > are also listing you.

      We aren't, and we also have a whitelisting at DNSWL. Given what I read
      about SORBS at Google, it seems not to be worth to struggle with them,
      as they seem to be at least slow in replying, and maybe not doing
      anything at all. Just wanted to hear if someone has a hands-on
      experience from recent months, if situation has changed and pursuing
      getting our ticket reply might be worth the efforts. ;-)

      However, if this is not appropriate for this list, I'm happy for
      offlist replies, of course.

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