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276907Mail transmission/re-injection question

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  • Des Dougan
    Apr 30, 2011

      I'm fairly new to postfix and have recently set up an instance on a site with a newly-allocated static IP address. Mail was generally flowing in and out after I configured the postfix and dovecot; however, some messages were not being sent, showing "Client host rejected: Access denied" messages in the logs.

      As I analyzed this, it seemed to be caused by the static IP not having a good reputation with some sites' RBL policies. I therefore set the system up to relay via the ISP's mail servers, which is working OK. That said, I'm still seeing sending attempts (in /var/log/maillog) by what appear to be previous messages that didn't go out. These are not going via the relay; neither, though, do they show in the mail queue (via "postqueue -p").

      Is there a way to re-inject these messages via the updated configuration so that they go out via the ISP as new messages are doing? I've done a fair bit of Googling but can't see how this might be achieved.




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