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276762rejecting long subject strings with pcre header checks

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  • Troy Piggins
    Apr 27, 2011
      Hi there. I'm noticing lately most of the spam that gets through my
      postgrey/postfix/amavis/spamassassin/procmail rules contains subject
      lines that are extremely long strings with no spaces in them. eg:

      Subject: DownloadLaetstMMiicrosoftAndAppleSotftawreAndSaveThouasadnds.ApprvoedLicecnseddS

      They do seem to have non-alnum chars such as ?-. etc. Just no

      I'm thinking there must be a header check with pcre on Subject that
      could catch these. Been googling but can't find anyone that seems
      to mention this. Might be my poor search term selection?

      Any suggestions?

      Troy Piggins
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