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275998Re: Configuring TLS with sender login maps

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  • Ansgar Wiechers
    Apr 4, 2011
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      On 2011-04-02 Reindl Harald wrote:
      > Am 02.04.2011 23:17, schrieb Jeroen Geilman:
      >> I see Mr Reindl is butting his big mouth in again
      > is your toilet broken or why is your neck so big?

      You've repeatedly shown an attitude on this list that I consider
      objectionable, to say the least. Would you mind keeping it to yourself?
      Thank you.

      >> I "should" do nothing.
      > YOU can do waht you want, but do not recommend others wrong things

      He didn't.

      >> Because the primary value of TLS on a mail client is to be able to
      >> send encrypted login information, and prevent sniffing on local LAN
      >> networks
      > *lol*
      > you know about cram-md5 / digest-md5
      > this is for login-information

      You do realize that these have other disadvantages, don't you? Like the
      requirement to store the user's unencrypted password on the server.

      >> I can only repeat that your preposterous "SHOULD" demands are silly.
      >> Guaranteed end-to-end encryption is not a job for the MTA.
      >> Use PGP or GPG to achieve message confidentiality.
      > you were the who spoke about "the majority"?
      > the majority is not using GPG!

      Which doesn't change anything about the fact that PGP/GPG is suited for
      ensuring end-to-end confidentiality, while TLS is not. TLS only ever
      guarantees encrypted transmission to the next HOP. Period. Live with it.

      Ansgar Wiechers
      "Abstractions save us time working, but they don't save us time learning."
      --Joel Spolsky
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