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274370RE: virtual_alias_maps and X-Original-To

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  • Adam Hamer
    Feb 18, 2011
      > Aliasing via virtual(5) is brutally efficient. No content modification,
      > just message routing, so the header is not added.
      > To add an X-Original-Recipient header, messages to multiple recipients
      > have to be split into one copy per-recipient since the header you want
      > is recipient-specific.
      > Since the queue file contains a single copy of the message for all
      > recipients, such rewriting *cannot* happen on input, it can only happen on
      > output via a delivery agent that is processing a single recipient. This
      > means you need a custom transport for this destination that processes
      > mail one recipient at a time and prepends the header.
      > This can be done via an external program via pipe(8) or by modifying the
      > source code of the smtp(8) delivery agent so that the header is added when
      > a suitable boolean flag is set and the message has exactly one recipient.
      > The pipe(8) approach would then re-submit the mail for outbound delivery
      > to a different Postfix instance to avoid loops.
      > --
      > Viktor.

        Thanks again Viktor.
      It sounds a bit more in depth than I was hoping for. Given the _only_ function for this alias is to forward to one address, would it be possible to do a simpler approach? 
      Regards, adam
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