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273713Re: Spam Backscatter

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  • Daniel Bromberg
    Feb 1 5:51 PM
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      On 2/1/2011 8:40 PM, /dev/rob0 wrote:
      > While this may be so, the OP probably received this as backscatter
      > from smtp.counselschambers.com.au[], which currently is
      > listed on the backscatterer.org DNSBL. We (the Internet as a whole)
      > would benefit if more backscattering sites used Zen and other spam
      > control techniques, but the issue at hand is to block it after it's
      > backscatterred.
      This reminds me, if rather tangentially, of a recent type of pernicious
      spam I got that originated from a Yahoo web mail client and thus avoid
      detection via any IP test. (I guess Yahoo's detection and accompanying
      CAPTCHA gateway, which I discovered by role-playing the spammer, is
      either inadequate or is somehow being avoided by the spammer.)

      If we take the argument from UCEprotect.net literally, that the spammer
      has accomplished his goal once he has delivered his "crap" to our server
      whether or not SpamAssassin et al. classifies it correctly and socks it
      away, then can we do better?

      More of a general question, no clear technical answer expected. Any

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