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273683Re: SMTP proxy????

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  • Victor Duchovni
    Feb 1, 2011
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      On Tue, Feb 01, 2011 at 06:50:04PM +0100, Ignacio Garcia wrote:

      > > Which do you need help with? State clear requirements for either or
      > > each problem, and work from there.
      > yes, you're right, sorry. Maybe if I tell you what I want to do I can
      > make myself clearer. We have both a submission service and inbound mx
      > service. we want to have a unified smtp.mycompany.com so all
      > "submissions" can be processed using this canonical domain name. i
      > believe that is not too dificult.

      Good if you know how to handle submission, you're half way there...

      > We also want to run both servers so 1
      > is mx-backup of the other and viceversa.

      This splits into two use-cases:

      * Relay

      - Each server accepts mail for the other's domains, and relays
      them to the right server. All you need is access to a table
      of valid recipients for the relay domains, and table of
      said domain names.

      * Full-service:

      - Each server accepts mail for all the domains, and delivers
      to the correct mail store. Need fully unified data model.

      Which use-case are you aiming for?

      > - both servers need to check against both databases for valid
      > destinations

      Correct (s/destinations/user-addresses/).

      > - each server must know if delivery is to be local or it has to be
      > relayed to the other server.

      Postfix does that automatically. Just add the domain to "relay_domains"
      and not to virtual_mailbox_domains, or similar.

      > - one server virtual_transport=maildrop (to courier-imap), the other
      > =dovecot (we are going with dovecot for the future, the one with courier
      > is older, but plenty of users)

      The difference in final delivery mechanisms is immaterial.

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