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272611Re: Postfix and Postgrey Part II

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  • lst_hoe02@kwsoft.de
    Jan 1, 2011
      Zitat von jason hirsh <hirshj@...>:

      > OK Everyone was such a help that I am back.. I got a new server and
      > thought things were going great
      > The issue is Postgrey keeps bouncingh the same message i have tried
      > to debug using my mac.com, comcast.net hotmail.com
      > in all instances it kept boucing the mail until I entered the server
      > in the white
      > Freebsd 8.0
      > Postgrey is running as follows:
      > postgrey 1258 0.0 1.0 12196 10144 ?? Ss 3:05PM 0:00.21
      > /usr/local/sbin/postgrey --pidfile=/var/run/postgrey.pid
      > --inet=10023 -d --user=postgrey --group=postgrey --dbd

      There is clearly something missing. The last should be
      "--dbdir=<Path>" and the most valuable part is "--delay=<seconds>".
      Have a look where the parameters are set, most of the time you should
      be able to find out by examine the startscript.
      Be sure to use --auto-whitelist-clients=1 if you have found out where
      the config lives, the default of 5 is only useful if you have at least
      midsize traffic.


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