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271651Re: postscreen request: pcre support

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  • Tomoyuki Murakami
    Dec 2, 2010
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      > Again. if something can already be done with smtpd plus milter or
      > policy plugin or content filter then I urge you to keep using that
      > already existing functionality.

      and also said,

      > Postscreen's purpose is to keep zombies away so that you can keep
      > using the existing smtpd features.
      > It is not a scoring system that makes a decision at the end.
      > Instead, postscreen makes the decision as early as possible.

      To keeping away zombies from smtpd, and do the decision as early
      as possible, it is natural that the similar access control
      functionality as implemented in smtpd may be required, I think.
      because zombies can be fixed their behavior over time,
      and the difference between legitimates may be just their IPs
      accesing from and reverse DNS names. so that the RBLDNS
      scoreing works very effectively in my site now.

      If there are any additional features to the postscreen,
      at least, policy-delegation I/F is useful for that purpose.

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