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271603Re: postscreen request: pcre support

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  • Wietse Venema
    Dec 1 7:41 AM
      Jeroen Koekkoek:
      > Hi,
      > I would like to request pcre table support in postscreen for some fields
      > e.g. client_name, helo_name, etc.
      > For example if client is not listed on any dnsbl, but the reverse
      > hostname matches /\.dsl\./, the client is greylisted.
      > Or if client is listed on a single dnsbl and contains something like
      > dialup, the connection is dropped.

      This functionality already exists in smtpd. There is no need to duplicate
      this in postscreen.

      Postscreen's purpose is to keep zombies away so that you can keep
      using the existing smtpd features.

      It is not a scoring system that makes a decision at the end.
      Instead, postscreen makes the decision as early as possible.

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