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270466Re: Redirect mail from particular sender

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  • lst_hoe02@kwsoft.de
    Nov 2, 2010
      Zitat von Wietse Venema <wietse@...>:

      > lst_hoe02@...:
      >> Hello
      >> is it possible to redirect (rewrite recipient) incoming mail based on
      >> the sender envelope address??
      > Built-in: the REDIRECT access map feature, but this causes Postfix
      > to ignore all existing message recipients.

      I was nearly sure postfix provide something perfectly fitting for us.
      Despite the fact i use access maps for ages i have overlooked the
      "REDIRECT" feature totaly :-(

      > Built-in: the Milter protocol has "add recipient" and "delete
      > recipient" primitives. There currently is no policy daemon support
      > to manipulate the message envelope.
      > Heavy-weight: an external content filter (before- or after-queue)
      > could manipulate the message envelope.
      > Grotesque: use sender_dependent_transport_maps to select on sender,
      > and use smtp_generic_maps to replace the recipient. It does not
      > scale well when you have to do this a lot.

      Umm, no. That one i have found first in the documentation, but i was
      sure there is something much cleaner.

      Many Thanks as always

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