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  • Morten P.D. Stevens
    Sep 13, 2010
      Hi Wietse,

      that sounds great.

      Is there a RHEL5 source package available for building postfix-2.8-20100913?



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      > Sent: Monday, September 13, 2010 9:55 PM
      > To: Postfix users
      > Subject: Postscreen update
      > Postscreen is a single Postfix 2.8 daemon that keeps spambots away
      > from Postfix SMTP server processes, so that more Postfix server
      > resources remain available for handling mail. It will hopefully
      > become part of the next stable Postfix release.
      > After adding DNSBL weights and filters two weeks ago, I rewrote
      > the remainder of postscreen in the past 1+ week, and spent the past
      > several days updating documentation so that people can actually
      > use this thing. The re-born postscreen has been running on several
      > sites since the beginning of the weekend.
      > Postscreen now has a built-in SMTP protocol engine that allows it
      > to log the helo/sender/recipient of rejected mail. With a few good
      > DNSBL lists, this can dramatically reduce the load on Postfix SMTP
      > servers (blocking mail without logging is not an option for everyone).
      > One cautionary note: postscreen is meant to handle mail from MTAs
      > not end-user clients. Its protocol tests are safe for properly-
      > implemented MTAs, but they have not been tested with end-user
      > systems. Of course end-user systems should connect to the submission
      > port, not the port 25 that postscreen listens on...
      > See http://www.porcupine.org/postfix-mirror/POSTSCREEN_README.html
      > for an overview, configuration information and more.
      > The last code drop was postfix-2.8-20100913, which is the same code
      > as snapshot 20100912, but with a bunch of minor documentation fixes.
      > Be sure to review the RELEASE_NOTES file if you are upgrading from
      > an older postscreen version - the DNSBL implementation now reveals
      > the DNSBL domain name in SMTP replies, so it needs to be censored
      > to avoid disclosing ZEN etc. passwords.
      > Wietse
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