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268654Re: Regexp for blocking dynamic hosts?

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  • pf at alt-ctrl-del.org
    Aug 31, 2010
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      On 2010-08-31 4:45 PM, Charles Marcus wrote:
      > Yep, in that it shows why I really should read all of a post before
      > asking questions about it.
      > I was only looking at the one example line you included in the body - I
      > neglected the last part about the *file* to download that contained all
      > of the expressions... ;)

      I don't use this... I just combined several regexp lines into two long lines
      as generic examples.
      I'm sure that it can be done more efficiently, and that using this "as is"
      may lead to false positives.

      # guess at some .cc residential connections
      /(\.|-)static(\.|-)/ DUNNO
      550 cc1 residential IP addresses prohibited
      550 cc2 residential IP addresses prohibited

      Test cc1 matches
      postmap -q 200-161-108-143.dsl.telesp.net.br regexp:/etc/postfix/filename
      postmap -q 200-161-108-143.adsl.any.name.cc regexp:/etc/postfix/filename
      postmap -q regexp:/etc/postfix/filename
      postmap -q mm-200-161-108-143-dynip.any.mgts.xx regexp:/etc/postfix/filename

      Test cc2 matches
      postmap -q
      postmap -q 200-161-108-143.spacer.labels.dynamic.any.cc

      Test non match
      postmap -q pools.cc regexp:/etc/postfix/filename
      postmap -q 123.dynamic.data.pools.any.cc regexp:/etc/postfix/filename

      To add more label matches, just add more | options.
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