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267955Re: Separate Submission Instance on Same IP as MX

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  • Wietse Venema
    Aug 6, 2010
      Mike Morris:
      > approach. Out of curiosity, what would your reasons be for suggesting
      > running postscreen with 2.7 rather than using a 2.8 snapshot? Wouldn't
      > similar instability concerns about the latter apply to the former?

      The difference is that stable release features not change except
      in case of emergency, so you can upgrade from one stable Postfix
      version to the next without having to reconfigure Postfix. And when
      features do have to change, there is a great deal of backwards

      The snapshot releases introduce new features, and those can still
      change in incompatible ways. For example, postscreen is a prototype
      that I threw together in a few weeks so that I could present some
      new measurements at a conference. Once this program is finished
      sites will almost certainly need to update configuration files.

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