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267926Re: Header information missing

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  • Noel Jones
    Aug 5, 2010
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      On 8/5/2010 1:30 PM, Alex wrote:
      > Hi,
      > I'm running postfix with amavisd-new, spamassassin-v3.2.5, and clamav
      > and for some reason the Received headers are either being stripped or
      > not properly inserted on mail that is not spam. Messages in the
      > amavisd quarantine have their full headers.
      > Some non-spam messages have Received headers, but they are always
      > internal non-routable addresses. The majority of the messages have no
      > Received headers at all.
      > All messages have the DNS_FROM_OPENWHOIS spamassassin rule, which
      > appears to trigger on senders listed in openwhois or that are
      > non-existent. This rule is also present in all messages in the
      > quarantine even though the Received header exists, and the IP is not
      > associated with openwhois.
      > How can I troubleshoot this? What information can I provide to assist?
      > Thanks,
      > Alex

      Check your header_checks file for IGNORE rules.

      -- Noel Jones
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