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  • Alex
    Aug 5, 2010

      I'm running postfix with amavisd-new, spamassassin-v3.2.5, and clamav
      and for some reason the Received headers are either being stripped or
      not properly inserted on mail that is not spam. Messages in the
      amavisd quarantine have their full headers.

      Some non-spam messages have Received headers, but they are always
      internal non-routable addresses. The majority of the messages have no
      Received headers at all.

      All messages have the DNS_FROM_OPENWHOIS spamassassin rule, which
      appears to trigger on senders listed in openwhois or that are
      non-existent. This rule is also present in all messages in the
      quarantine even though the Received header exists, and the IP is not
      associated with openwhois.

      How can I troubleshoot this? What information can I provide to assist?

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