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267054Re: dealing with Yahoo slowness

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  • Victor Duchovni
    Jul 1 2:34 AM
      On Wed, Jun 30, 2010 at 10:15:10AM -0700, Florin Andrei wrote:

      > More info. This is how the queues always look, it's a very typical batch:
      > http://i.imgur.com/7MPIx.png

      This graph has no scale, and would not be very interesting in any case.

      Have you made attempt to sign-up for Yahoo's feedback loop, get
      whitelisted, etc.?

      During each deferred queue run:

      - How many messages are delivered by smtp(8)

      - How many are deferred by smtp(8) and is the connection dropped
      by Yahoo, or are the recipients deferred gracefully?

      - Are you subjected to grey-listing? Is your sender address used
      to reach a given recipient stable, or does it change with every

      - How may messages are deferred by qmgr(8), because the transport
      is throttled after too many consecutive errors?

      - What is your "rate delay"?

      - What is your "failure cohort limit"?

      For performance tuning you need relevant metrics. In this case you need
      to understand the statistics of Yahoo's negative feedback. This said,
      the best solution is to work with Yahoo to whitelist you or to stop
      sending bulk email to a provider that does not wish to receive your email.

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