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267037Re: Sending mails using multiple IPs'

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  • Stan Hoeppner
    Jun 30, 2010
      Dipak Biswal put forth on 6/30/2010 8:38 AM:
      > Hi List,
      > I am trying to setup postfix for mass mailing. I need help in following
      > areas:
      > 1. how can we send mails using different IP's .
      > 2. how can we set sleep time between mails.

      We are not in the business of assisting spammers here. Sending legitimate
      bulk email doesn't require multiple source IPs or sleep periods. That's a
      spammer tactic to keep from being blacklisted.

      If you believe you have a legitimate need for this capability, I suggest you
      architect your legitimate bulk email sending solution according to best
      practices for senders. Start here:


      If you think this process will be too time consuming then you have no business
      sending "legitimate" bulk email to begin with. Sending legit bulk email is a
      _responsibility_ not a _right_. If you're not responsible enough to follow
      good sender rules and practices, then you shouldn't be sending bulk email
      period. If you want to take shortcuts to get around people's spam filters,
      that makes you a spammer.


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