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267028Re: Sending mails using multiple IPs'

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  • Wietse Venema
    Jun 30, 2010
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      Dipak Biswal:
      > Hi List,
      > I am trying to setup postfix for mass mailing. I need help in following
      > areas:
      > 1. how can we send mails using different IP's .

      See Postfix 2.7 RELEASE_NOTES file for sender reputation support
      (this uses different source IP addresses to different classes of
      sender addresses).

      Sending mail from randomly-chosen IP addresses is considered
      anti-social. There are no plans to support that in Postfix.

      > 2. how can we set sleep time between mails.

      You need the per-destination rate delay feature in Postfix 2.5.7
      or later. See also recent threads on the mailing list, or the
      current version of the documentation at



      > Thanks in advance.
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