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266476Re: dealing with Yahoo slowness

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  • Simon Waters
    Jun 11, 2010
      On Thursday 10 June 2010 19:51:51 Florin Andrei wrote:
      > One of the tricks some people seem to use is creating a dedicated
      > transport for the slow destination. I'm reading the tuning and qshape
      > README documents, and there are a lot of good suggestions there, but I
      > was wondering what are the solutions that are being used *now*
      > specifically for dealing with Yahoo.

      We don't treat Yahoo! any differently here, so essentially we delivered using
      Postfix defaults.

      We have a "fragile" queue for difficult providers but only Microsoft domains
      are listed.

      Whilst I've seen comment that Yahoo! throttle, I had some logs that suggest
      Yahoo! also can be overloaded at times (hardly surprising given some of the
      botnets out there).

      As such afraid I tend to the view that if Yahoo! email is delayed it is
      largely a Yahoo! problem. Although we've not had any complaints of such in
      recent months (years?), and BT Internet use Yahoo so we ship them quite a
      significant proportion of our outbound email. Most of the feedback we got was
      when BT switched to using Yahoo, so I assume teething problems.
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