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266466Re: dealing with Yahoo slowness

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  • Wietse Venema
    Jun 10, 2010
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      Mike Hutchinson:
      > We have had this exact problem, delivering Retail newsletters to people who
      > have opted in for it. A lot of them are on Gmail and Yahoo, and this can be
      > difficult with Bulk E-Mail. Despite contact with Google themselves and
      > signing up for all of their reporting services regarding Spammy Emails and
      > Certified Senders, the best result we've had is to use some Postfix
      > configuration to resolve the issue. It does this by gently delivering the
      > E-Mails at an acceptable rate (discovered with a LOT of testing and a LOT of
      > IP bans (good they're not permanent, huh :). In our environment, on our
      > servers, this has resolved the issue, and delivers mail to those domains a
      > LOT faster than not performing the config on Postfix. In fact, if we don?t
      > configure, we get banned straight away against those domains and cannot
      > deliver for several hours afterwards.
      > We setup the postfix transport file with these entries:
      > # destination domains that need to be rate limited
      > hotmail.com hotmail:
      > msn.com hotmail:
      > live.com hotmail:
      > windowslive.com hotmail:
      > yahoo.com.ar yahoo:
      > yahoo.com.au yahoo:
      > yahoo.com.br yahoo:
      > yahoo.ca yahoo:
      > yahoo.com.cn yahoo:
      > <snip> - there's more but you get the idea.
      > Then we setup master.cf:
      > yahoo unix - - - - - smtp
      > hotmail unix - - - - - smtp
      > Then setup main.cf:
      > # Slow these destinations to avoid blacklisting, see /etc/postfix/transport
      > for domains configured
      > hotmail_destination_concurrency_limit = 2
      > hotmail_destination_rate_delay = 2s
      > hotmail_destination_recipient_limit = 5
      > yahoo_destination_concurrency_limit = 4
      > yahoo_destination_rate_delay = 1s
      > yahoo_destination_recipient_limit = 5
      > These settings can be tweaked depending on what server you're talking to.
      > However, these values work for us, after having dealt with not getting
      > 10,000 mails out per week.
      > I hope this helps.

      Interesting. Really.

      FYI This should be documented better: Postfix's _rate_delay feature
      forces a per-destination delivery concurrency of 1, so you could
      drop the _destination_concurrency_limit settings. The Postfix
      implementation is utterly simple: schedule one delivery, then
      suspend delivery for N second, then schedule the next delivery.

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