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266442dealing with Yahoo slowness

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  • Florin Andrei
    Jun 10, 2010
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      There seems to be a massive difference between the speed of various
      providers, in terms of accepting messages for delivery. Yahoo stands out
      as, by far, the slowest of the big ones.

      Because the messages are legitimate, we signed up for the email feedback
      loop with Yahoo, so that messages flagged as spam by Yahoo users are
      reported back to us, so we can silence notifications for those accounts.
      That didn't seem to help.

      Messages @... just accumulate in the deferred queue and stay there
      for a long time. When they do get kicked back into the active queue,
      it's just a trickle.

      Everyone else's emails are delivered very quickly. It might be my
      imagination, but it seems some providers do accept messages more quickly
      if you use the email feedback loop.

      Anyway, after a while, we end up with a bunch of @... messages in
      the queue, some domain typos, and not much else besides.

      One of the tricks some people seem to use is creating a dedicated
      transport for the slow destination. I'm reading the tuning and qshape
      README documents, and there are a lot of good suggestions there, but I
      was wondering what are the solutions that are being used *now*
      specifically for dealing with Yahoo.


      Florin Andrei
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