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266344Re: (updated main.cf file) Installing smtp auth did not help my spam issue Below is example

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  • Charles Marcus
    Jun 7, 2010
      On 2010-06-07 3:36 PM, Josh Cason wrote:
      > Current Config file. Running since friday. Now I have had major
      > problems posting maillog files that was either not enough info, too
      > large, or not in -V format.

      Not sure what you mean, but the -v in master.cf places the logging mode
      *into* verbose mode.

      So, *remove* the -v to get non-verbose logs.

      > Plus I still tried to follow a message through and information was
      > still missing.

      Find the message ID, then grep the logs for that to get the entire

      > Sigh. Is there something to submitting a proper "maillog" log
      > file that is not to large. I tried grep and the message number. But
      > everybody says still missing information on previouse tries.

      Which means either you're unintentionally snipping something, or your
      system is configured to log different events in diofferent logs or
      logging is otherwise messed up. Is your system under high load/stress?

      Lastly - your postconf -n output is large... lots of defaults in there.
      You can trim the fat by commenting defaults (compare with postconf -d
      output - -d gives you the defaults)... otherwise, I see a *lot* of
      things that are probably wrong, enough to just say - go back to the
      beginning, and change only enough to get things working. After that,
      don't change *any* of the defaults unless you have a very good reason.


      Best regards,

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