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266320Re: Custom Policy Integration

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  • Wietse Venema
    Jun 5, 2010
      punit jain:
      > Hi Wieste,
      > Thanks for the link.I would like to know if my understanding is correct.
      > Here is what I understood: -
      > 1. Postfix uses Milter (mail filter) protocol to allow external application
      > to inspect SMTP events (CONNECT, DISCONNECT), SMTP commands (HELO, MAIL
      > FROM, etc.) as well as mail content (headers and body) as according to the
      > information from http://www.postfix.org/MILTER_README.html.
      > 2. This would mean filter application should talk with postfix using Milter
      > instead of HTTP. The application can then be invoked at different stages of
      > SMTP.

      This would mean that *something* talks to Postfix (for example via
      the Milter protocol). This *something* could then post the information
      from Postfix as HTTP queries to the filter application.

      You could also talk to Postfix via its policy delegation protocol.
      This is simpler than Milter, and it sends all available attributes
      in one request. I guess that 100 lines of Perl script would do
      the job (not counting existing PERL code that already implements
      HTTP). http://www.postfix.org/SMTPD_POLICY_README.html

      > 3. When postfix invoke filter application via Milter, information like
      > sender/recipient address, source IP will be passed together or separately
      > the way it is sent during SMTP negotiation ?

      See https://www.milter.org/developers/api/index#Callbacks for a
      description of the functions that receive information from the MTA.

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