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266147Timed out RCPT TO

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  • Kaleb Hosie
    Jun 1, 2010
      Hey All,
      I have a user trying to send an email however it was bounced back. After
      checking the maillog, I found that it was timing out when sending "RCPT TO".

      I telnet'ed into the recipients server and started sending the series of
      commands to send mail and it seemed very quick up until I sent RCPT TO; it
      proceeded to hang there for 50 seconds before responding with a 250 SMTP
      code. I was able to get the email to send by increasing the timeout period
      to 60 seconds for "RCPT TO".

      My question is what is the purpose in the delaying that SMTP code? Would it
      be advantageous to implement that into my Postfix configuration?

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