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264258Re: Relaying to SPF protected server

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  • J.R.Ewing
    Apr 1, 2010
      Simon Waters napsal(a):
      > On Thursday 01 April 2010 12:38:29 J.R.Ewing wrote:
      >> Is there any solution?
      >> I have idea to move senders address to "reply to" field and write new
      >> sender. Is it possible with postfix?
      > As Ralph says SRS will do this.
      > However I looked at this recently for a project, where I thought I'd need SRS,
      > and after reviewing the various issues and SPF adoption figures, concluded
      > I'd ignore SPF.
      > In particular very few people reject outright on SPF failure (not least this
      > isn't a good strategy compared to other filtering methods if all you want to
      > do is reduce spam). Various systems handle SPF failed email in a more
      > suspicious manner, but that isn't a practical problem in my experience.
      > SRS might work better for your purpose, but SPF is broken by design and you
      > should flag that to the people using it.
      > We forward a lot of email, we don't do envelope rewriting, and have had a
      > handful of complaints over the years, most from the same person who didn't
      > seem to understand "we have no plans to change at this time".

      Thanks Simon and Ralf for replies,

      I was observing SRS and it lookslike there is not a simple way to
      implement it with postfix.
      Because Iam just starting to relaying at my server, I will let some time
      to see, if there are some major problems with it or if it works
      unnoticed for users. Sad is, that the major freemail provider
      (seznam.cz) here in Czech Republic sadly implement and enforce SPF, the
      question is, how many domains that our users would be recieving from are
      SPF "protected" (I know only one, at domain of our company :-/).

      Thanks again

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