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264250Re: holding local delivery

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  • Wietse Venema
    Apr 1, 2010
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      Vernon A. Fort:
      > The maximal_queue_lifetime-30s was for testing only - its normally set
      > for 1d. The sole issues is to prevent mail from bouncing back if we
      > don't get the encrypted volume mounted and cyrus started back up soon
      > enough. A reasonable example would be if the server rebooted due to a
      > power hiccup and we did not get the notifications quick enough.
      > For now, i have a startup script to set the maximal_queue_lifetime to 1w
      > using postconf -e. This seems to do the trick.

      Another option is

      postconf -e "master_service_disable = unix.local"

      Or even:

      postconf -e "master_service_disable = qmgr.fifo"

      (requires Postfix 2.6 or later).

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