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263232Postfix TLS requirements

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  • Alex
    Mar 1, 2010

      I have an existing old postfix TLS server set up and working
      successfully. It was created several years ago and has been working
      fine ever since.I'm wondering what the benefits would be with
      upgrading? In other words, I realize I can only support SSLv2, but are
      there other security designs and technologies that I would be
      encouraged to be able to support?

      What encryption/cipher/key length, session key options, etc, choices
      should I be making if I were to do this today?

      Under what circumstances would you want to choose only TLSv1 and not
      SSLv3 and TLSv1?

      Many of the HOWTOs and guides out there that I could find all pertain
      to older versions of postfix. Any word on when Ralph will be updating
      his book? :-) Is there a book you could recommend that covers
      SSLv3/TLSv1 and later versions of postfix?

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