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262332Re: smtpd processes congregating at the pub

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  • Wietse Venema
    Jan 31, 2010
      Stan Hoeppner:
      > > Better: apply the long-term solution, in the form of the patch below.
      > > This undoes the max_idle override (a workaround that I introduced
      > > with Postfix 2.3). I already introduced the better solution with
      > > Postfix 2.4 while solving a different problem.
      > I'm not sure if I fully understand this. I'm using 2.5.5, so shouldn't I
      > already have the 2.4 solution mentioned above? I must not be reading this
      > correctly.

      The patch undoes the Postfix 2.3 change that is responsible for
      the shorter-than-expected proxymap lifetimes that you observed
      on low-traffic systems.

      With that change backed out, the reduced ipc_idle change from
      Postfix 2.4 will finally get a chance to fix the excessive lifetime
      of proxymap and trivial-rewrite processes on high-traffic systems.

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