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262314Re: smtpd processes congregating at the pub

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  • Stan Hoeppner
    Jan 31, 2010
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      Stan Hoeppner put forth on 1/31/2010 12:04 AM:
      > Sorry for top posting. Forgot to add something earlier: Proxymap seems to be
      > exiting on my system immediately after servicing requests. It does not seem to
      > be obeying $max_use or $max_idle which are both set to 100. It did this even
      > before I added cidr lists to proxymap a few hours ago. Before that, afaik, it
      > was only being called for local alias verification, and it exited immediately in
      > that case as well.

      Making a little more progress on this, slowly. I'd forgotten that I have a
      regexp table that's rather large, containing 1626 expressions.

      I added it to proxymap, and this action dropped the size of my smtpd processes
      dramatically, by about a factor of 5. Apparently, even though this regexp table
      has only 1626 lines, it requires far more memory than my big 'countries' cidr
      table which has 11148 lines.

      14411 postfix 20 0 20276 16m 1480 S 8 4.3 0:00.51 proxymap
      14410 postfix 20 0 6704 3368 2208 S 0 0.9 0:00.04 smtpd

      This is making good progress. Seeing the smtpd's memory footprint drop so
      dramatically is fantastic. However, I'm still curious as to why proxymap
      doesn't appear to be honoring $max_idle or $max_use. Maybe my understanding of
      $max_use is not correct? It's currently set to 100, the default. Watching top
      while sending a test message through, I see proxymap launch but then exit within
      5 seconds, while smtpd honors max_idle. Is there some other setting I need to
      change to keep proxymap around longer?

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