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262299Re: smtpd processes congregating at the pub

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  • Wietse Venema
    Jan 30, 2010
      Stan Hoeppner:
      > AFAIK I don't use Berkeley DB tables, only hash (small,few) and cidr
      > (very large, a handful).

      hash (and btree) == Berkeley DB.

      If you have big CIDR tables, you can save lots of memory by using
      proxy:cidr: instead of cidr: (and running "postfix reload").
      Effectively, this turns all that private memory into something that
      can be shared via the proxy: protocol.

      The current CIDR implementation is optimized to make it easy to
      verify for correctness, and is optimized for speed when used with
      limited lists of netblocks (mynetworks, unassigned address blocks,
      reserved address blocks, etc.).

      If you want to list large portions of Internet address space such
      as entire countries the current implementation starts burning CPU
      time (it examines all CIDR patterns in order; with a bit of extra
      up-front work during initialization, address lookups could skip
      over a lot of patterns, but the implementation would of course be
      harder to verify for correctness), and it wastes 24 bytes per CIDR
      rule when Postfix is compiled with IPv6 support (this roughly
      doubles the amount memory that is used by CIDR tables).

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