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  • Port Able
    Jan 1, 2010
      --- On Thu, 12/31/09, Jacqui Caren-home <jacqui.caren@...> wrote:
      for a highly specific (distributed) low overhead delivery system
      designed to work within the (constantly changing) limitations specified
      by MSPs the changes postfix required would have ended up as a re-write
      to work with any decent performance.

      If MSP's force you to throttle your delivery speed, how does a distributed delivery system help?  Since it is presumably intended to increase throughput/speed, it seems counter-intuitive as you will reach their limits faster.

      I *know* other commercial MSP's (our competitors) also use custom
      delivery subsystems although I think we are currently the only ones with
      a distributed delivery system that uses active MSP delivery profiles
      and MSP "delivery load balance" :-)

      This is very interesting.  Can you share any info or background on MSP profiles and their load balancing requirements? 

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