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  • Jacqui Caren-home
    Dec 31, 2009
      LuKreme wrote:
      > On 30-Dec-2009, at 11:43, Port Able wrote:
      >> Do the online ESP's develop their own email servers?
      > Bwahahahahah! Um. No.

      Excuse me!

      A year or so ago we worked on a postfix mod to enable delivery rate
      limiting and active MSP profile management. It did not work as well
      as we hoped and we have since developed our own delivery systems.
      Postfix is a great (probably the best IMHO) general purpose MTA but
      for a highly specific (distributed) low overhead delivery system
      designed to work within the (constantly changing) limitations specified
      by MSPs the changes postfix required would have ended up as a re-write
      to work with any decent performance.

      I *know* other commercial MSP's (our competitors) also use custom
      delivery subsystems although I think we are currently the only ones with
      a distributed delivery system that uses active MSP delivery profiles
      and MSP "delivery load balance" :-)

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