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  • Jorge Armando Medina
    Dec 30, 2009
      Bryan Allen wrote:
      > +------------------------------------------------------------------------------
      > | On 2009-12-30 10:43:48, Port Able wrote:
      > |
      > | I am currently consulting for a small retailer. They have been using
      > | an online email service provider for the past few years to blast
      > | personalized emails to their customers (opt-in, and 100-200 thousand
      > | emails at a time). They have asked me to see if we can install an
      > | email server in house to accomplish the same thing and eliminate the
      > | monthly costs. I am fairly familiar with Linux/Unix and with databases
      > | (mysql and postgresql). I have not done anything with Sendmail or
      > | Postfix but feel comfortable following the documentation. I have also
      > | ordered the two books that I could find on Postfix.
      > |
      > | My questions
      > | are: has anyone used Postfix for this purpose? Do the online ESP's
      > | develop their own email servers? Do any of them use Sendmail,
      > | Postfix or qmail?

      You can try PHPLIST a newsletter manager: http://www.phplist.com/

      > I work for an ESP who provides email forwarding, storage, and as a seperate
      > service, email marketing and mailing lists.
      > We use Postfix; as other commenters have said, it's a (very good) delivery
      > mechanism. But: It doesn't generate messages, just ensures they get where
      > they're going.
      > Working with Postfix as a delivery platform is very pleasant. It's easy to
      > configure, extremely stable, well-documented, the code is super clean, and
      > wrapping your application around it is quite easy.
      > Our mailing list software is developed in-house. We used to use mailman (almost
      > a decade ago?), but it's very limited for email marketing purposes.
      > Some general suggestions:
      > Keep your streams clear: Never mix IPs sending misc non-bulk mail with IPs
      > sending bulk mail. This does not mean snowshoe, but you don't want your CEO's
      > mail getting bounced to his best buddy at gmail because gmail now hates your
      > marketing dept.
      > PTRs are important.
      > Sign up for every FBL you can. Track bounces. Never resub someone who has
      > unsubscribed from your lists.
      > SPF and DKIM matter to varying degrees.
      > Some MXes you deliver to will want to be coddled (specific delivery settings).
      > IP reputation is key. You have to grow it. Blasting Yahoo with 200k messages in
      > 5 minutes is going to cause headaches for everyone involved.
      > If you end up on a blacklist, treat the operators with respect. Giving them
      > crap is not going to help anyone.
      > Engaging in scummy behavior for a short-term win is going to screw you
      > long-term. Your marketing dept may not understand that; you'll have to stand
      > firm with them. Do no let them buy email address lists.
      > Delivering email, especially for marketing purposes, is very complex. If it
      > isn't your core competency I would suggest outsourcing it to a dedicated ESP.

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