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261242Re: Email service providers

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  • Eero Volotinen
    Dec 30 11:29 AM
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      On 12/30/09 8:49 PM, Brian Evans - Postfix List wrote:
      > On 12/30/2009 1:43 PM, Port Able wrote:
      >> I am currently consulting for a small retailer. They have been using
      >> an online email service provider for the past few years to blast
      >> personalized emails to their customers (opt-in, and 100-200 thousand
      >> emails at a time). They have asked me to see if we can install an
      >> email server in house to accomplish the same thing and eliminate the
      >> monthly costs. I am fairly familiar with Linux/Unix and with
      >> databases (mysql and postgresql). I have not done anything with
      >> Sendmail or Postfix but feel comfortable following the documentation.
      >> I have also ordered the two books that I could find on Postfix.
      >> My questions are: has anyone used Postfix for this purpose? Do the
      >> online ESP's develop their own email servers? Do any of them use
      >> Sendmail, Postfix or qmail?
      > Postfix does not create any messages (minus administrative notices). It
      > is simply the delivery vehicle.
      > Software such as mailman or ezmlm is more suited to mailing lists.
      > All such software can use Postfix to do the delivery.

      Well. usually people use sql+php style software for generating this kind
      of spam messages ;)

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