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260391Re: OT: need some advice as to distro

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  • John
    Dec 1, 2009
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      Terry L. Inzauro wrote:
      > John wrote:
      >> Sorry to bring this here, but we are having trouble setting up a
      >> Postfix/dovecot mail system.
      >> Background:
      >> We are a bunch of retirees, so cost is a factor in any decision. We all
      >> have IT experience, some of going back decades, however the world of
      >> Linux and its software is new to us all. We used the cook book approach
      >> to setting up our first mail system. It uses Postfix/Dovecot on top of
      >> Fedora 8 and so far it works like a charm. While the cook-book approach
      >> got up and running fairly easily I think we missed out on the learning
      >> side of things.
      >> However, there is a growing concern about the basic OS slipping too far
      >> behind on important changes, the same goes for some of the packages we
      >> are planning on using, so we have started looking at alternatives.
      >> Fedora - a little too dynamic for use as a server. This is to be
      >> expected as it is a development system which I don't think is aimed at a
      >> production like environment, plus the latest release seems very desktop
      >> oriented.
      >> Centos 5.4 - while it looks like a good choice, there has been some
      >> political infighting going on recently which makes us a little nervous
      >> about its future. In addition we have found that a number of the core
      >> packages we wish to use are out of date (postfix, dovecot, amavisd-new
      >> among them).
      >> Ubuntu 9.10 Server edition - I am not sure what to say here. While at
      >> first glance it seems to be an ideal solution a, free server
      >> distribution with a Canonical backing it up. However, the setup of some
      >> packages seems to us "odd", overly complicated and arbitrary.
      >> openSUSE - not tied, but some concerns over the Novel /Microsoft deal.
      >> Thanks in advance
      >> John A
      > Personally, Debian Stable (currently Lenny) is my Linux of choice for production system. Package management via apt is second
      > to none and everything is very well documented with a willing and able community for support.
      > Why restate whats already written:
      > http://www.debian.org/intro/why_debian
      > When it comes down to it, the best distro is the one "you" know how to use. I would start with a distro that you are most
      > comfortable with and know how to use the best.
      > Good luck and kind regards,
      > _Terry
      I took a quick look at Debian, but as it was very similar to Ubuntu
      (which I know is based on Debian) it looked to have the same problems
      from our perspective. An example, from the Postfix setup was the
      replacement of the LMTP process binary with a symlink to the SMTP
      binary. This may not be a real problem, perhaps the two binaries are the
      same, and Debian/Ubuntu are being smart, but as I could not find a
      rational for the change I have to wonder if this may be a problem in the
      future. Other examples are the strange reconfiguration of the Amavisd
      config files, changes to SASL setup, all make us a little nervous.
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