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257304Re: Simple filter via pipe

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  • rank1seeker@gmail.com
    Sep 2 4:17 AM
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      > It seems Noel was right: you need to learn your basics before moving
      > with Postfix. See 'Explanations of Man Sections' here:
      > http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/man.cgi
      > --
      > Sahil Tandon <sahil@...>

      There was some error when user, other than root, has been filtering mail.
      Error was visible only when I manually executed:

      # cat mail_in_file | ./mail_filter.php root@... john@...
      Syntax error: "(" unexpected

      I simply changed php code related to execution of shell functions.(to work
      for user other than root)
      Finally, I've completely solved a problem.

      Syntax error: "(" unexpected,
      wasn't in postfix error log: /var/log/maillog

      And by passing macro ${sasl_method} in addition to ${sender} ${recipient}
      in /usr/local/etc/postfix/master.cf
      I am able to selectivly apply filtering ONLY to SASL authed users and avoid
      all others

      Guys! You are constantly totally confusing me, literally not saying
      anything useful to me!
      Just giving me too ambiguous(many possible interpretations) DIRECTIONS.

      Thankx anyway ;)
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