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256317Re: Log analysis

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  • Martina Tomisova
    Aug 3, 2009
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      > each recipient will be in its own log line when the message is delivered.
      So I've got 101 lines like this one:

      Jul 27 xx:yy:zz server postfix/qmgr[2580]: 50B106A60A8:
      from=<bob@...>, size=754061, nrcpt=436 (queue active)

      The time differs (this line is printed there approx. ones an hour so
      it seems that he sends this batch of emails approx. each hour), it's
      the same user and the same nrcpt and the same queue id. So there
      should be approx. 101*436=44036 lines containing the string
      50B106A60A8 at least. But there is only 1173 line like that. How is
      that possible? How this works? It's possible to tell postfix that I'm
      going to send message to 436 recipients and then send just a few
      recipients? I'm sorry if this is a stupid question :)

      > grep for the QUEUEID will show you other log lines. some of these will
      > include the Message-Id. The Message-Id can also be used to find other
      > related log lines.
      I investigated lines containing the message id and the recepient and
      all of them contained the queue id too.

      Thanks, M.
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