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256265Re: [SOLVED] RE: mySQL Query not working

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  • mouss
    Aug 1, 2009
      Tino Donderwinkel a écrit :
      > The problems was in here:
      > http://www.postfix.org/mysql_table.5.html
      > %u When the input key is an address of the form
      > user@domain, %u is replaced by the SQL
      > quoted local part of the address. Other-
      > wise, %u is replaced by the entire search
      > string. If the localpart is empty, the
      > query is suppressed and returns no results.
      > The solution is very dirty;
      > SELECT rcpt FROM aliases WHERE alias IN ('%s',(SELECT REPLACE('%s', '@%d',
      > CONCAT('@', alias_of)) FROM domains WHERE domain = '%d'))

      What does this do that is not done with:

      SELECT alias_of FROM domains WHERE domain = '%d'


      > I'd really like to find out WHY the query is suppressed when %u is used and
      > %u is empty....

      Since postfix will lookup domains in many maps, suppressing the lookup
      reduces overhead. for example, with the suggested query above, postfix
      doesn't need to search for "joe@domain'. it will directly search for

      for the rare case where you want to check that it is a domain (or
      @domain), use SQL for that. for example, if

      > select substring_index('user@domain', '@', 1);
      > select substring_index('user@domain', '@', -1);

      (yes, this doesn't handle the ugly 'joe@domain1@domain', but do you want

      note that your lengthy query can be rewritten to avoid the overhead:

      SELECT rcpt FROM aliases, domains WHERE domain = '%d' AND
      alias = CONCAT(
      substring_index('%s', '@', 1),
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