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256257Re: Blocking Hotmail

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  • Robert Schetterer
    Aug 1, 2009
      Benny Pedersen schrieb:
      > On Thu, July 30, 2009 16:50, Rodman Frowert wrote:
      >> I wish there was a message board on the Postfix main site instead of JUST
      >> the mailing list. Would making find things that are asked a lot quite
      >> easier. Some of the mailing list archives don't have search functions...
      > reject spf softfail, fail, neotral aswell
      > on spf pass check sender in squirrelmail addressbook is known if yes accept
      > else reject, how to make it work is up to others
      > for yahoo i check it with postfwd to match if client_name match sender_domain, if not reject
      > lack of spf force me to this :)
      you can do it also i.e like this
      or simular, there is a english description
      in www which describes a few equal ways with smtpd_restriction_classes,
      sorry couldnt find the url, i have also some kind of it in my setup
      which works well since years

      this is from
      which shows the general way for using ( havent controlled it deeply )

      smtpd_restriction_classes =

      freemail_hotmail =
      check_client_access pcre:/etc/postfix/maps/freemail_hotmail

      freemail_msn =
      check_client_access pcre:/etc/postfix/maps/freemail_msn

      freemail_yahoo =
      check_client_access pcre:/etc/postfix/maps/freemail_yahoo


      hotmail.com freemail_hotmail
      msn.com freemail_msn
      yahoo.com freemail_yahoo

      smtpd_recipient_restrictions =
      check_sender_access hash:/etc/postfix/maps/freemail_check,

      /(^|\.)provider\.tld$/ DUNNO
      /./ REJECT You claim to be from
      provider.tld but your mail didn't come from a provider.tld server.

      Best Regards

      MfG Robert Schetterer

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