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256255Re: Blocking Hotmail

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  • Benny Pedersen
    Jul 31, 2009
      On Thu, July 30, 2009 16:50, Rodman Frowert wrote:
      > I wish there was a message board on the Postfix main site instead of JUST
      > the mailing list. Would making find things that are asked a lot quite
      > easier. Some of the mailing list archives don't have search functions...

      reject spf softfail, fail, neotral aswell
      on spf pass check sender in squirrelmail addressbook is known if yes accept
      else reject, how to make it work is up to others

      for yahoo i check it with postfwd to match if client_name match sender_domain, if not reject

      lack of spf force me to this :)

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