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253760Re: Postfix with PostgreSQL - CLOSE

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  • Just E. Mail
    Jun 3, 2009
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      I have this posting out for couple of days and many Techies from this
      mailing list responded with suggestions. I did not understand any one of
      them because I am a NEWBIE and I was thinking more closed in a SQL box
      and thinking of Postfix using the backend PGSQL in some what a
      conventional way - database, schema, quiries, so on...

      So today with good night sleep, I got up and read "POSTFIX - The
      Definitive Guide" by Kyle D. Dent & it made sense. So now I understand
      that in Postfix there are MAPS for Data/Information. Each MAP handles a
      particular data. For example a MAP for Virtual Domains handles a list of
      Virtual Domains, an Aliases Map has a list of emails pointing to other
      emails (forwarding), etc. One has to configure each MAP to retrieve its
      underlying data/information from a table or a database.

      This is very good design used in Postfix but not understanding it
      clearly got me down. Now I can setup one or more MAPS to connect to
      backend PGSQL as Imake progress.

      Thank you all.

      I have only one more wish; I wish there was a list of all the MAPS used
      in Postfix?

      Jennifer King
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