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253727Postfix with PostgreSQL

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  • Just E. Mail
    Jun 2, 2009
      CentOS 5.3
      PostgreSQL 8.3.7
      Postfix 2.6.1

      I have setup a Postfix Mail Server & tested it. Now I am trying to setup
      Postfix with PostgreSQL as backend. I did build (by following Simon
      Mudd's instructions) Postfix with PGSQL support. I have done
      considerable reading and searched the Internet, but I need help me with
      the following questions:

      1. I have read 'man psql_table' & 'Postfix PostgreSQL Howto' (at
      www.postfix.org). The first document says that the 'alias_maps' are
      located at 'etc/pgsql-aliase' and the second document says that they are
      at 'etc/postfix/pgsql-aliases.cf'. I assume that 'pgsql-aliases.cf' can
      be in either folder as long as it is similarly listed in
      '/etc/postfix/main.cf'. Am I corrent or not?

      2. I have not found the DEFAULT file 'pgsql-aliases.cf' anywhere on the
      Postfix server. Do I need to build it myself?

      3. On the backend SQL server, what Postfix tables are need? Is there a
      SCHEMA for these tables or they are hand build?

      Considering I am a NEWBIE, your help is highly appreciated.

      Jennifer K.
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