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253677Re: Postfix with PostgreSQL

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  • Barney Desmond
    May 31, 2009
      2009/6/1 Just E. Mail <justemail@...>:
      > I installed postfix-2.6.1 (SRPM from Simon Mudd's web site) on a freshly
      > installed LINUX CentOS 5.3 machine. I followed Roger Mudd's Instructions
      > (see http://postfix.wl0.org/en/building-rpms/). Subsequently,I build a local
      > RPM by following these instructions. I did include PostgreSQL:
      > # export POSTFIX_PGSQL=1
      > After Postfix installation is completed (again following the instructions by
      > Simon Mudd), I displaed the list of packages included with Postfix:
      > [root@rs1 ~]# postconf -m
      > btree
      > cidr
      > environ
      > hash
      > ldap
      > nis
      > proxy
      > regexp
      > static
      > unix
      > [root@rs1 ~]#
      > As you will notice that PostgreSQL is not listed. In any case, I did setup
      > Postfix & Dovecot-SASL and tested it successfully. Now I want to setup
      > PostgreSQL as backend. FYI, I did check the file
      > /etc/postfix/pgsql-aliases.cf & it does not exists. I belive it is because
      > of the same reason; PostgrSQL is not installed with Postfix!

      2009/6/1 Just E. Mail <justemail@...>:
      > I reinstalled Postfix with PostgreSQL. This time it seems that PG is
      > included.

      Yep. For the record, you'll need Postgres packages installed before
      building the Postfix RPM because the build process needs to link to
      Postgres libraries. This is the bit from the RPM specfile that relates
      to Postgres:

      %if %{with_pgsql}
      Requires: postgresql-libs
      BuildRequires: postgresql-devel
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