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253592Re: Case sensitive oddity when mail delivered.

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  • Sahil Tandon
    May 28, 2009
      On Thu, 28 May 2009, Rick wrote:

      > Following up on my previous posts, I'm still experiencing this issue of
      > sometimes email being delivered as upper case (which ends up in the file
      > system as upper case). I appreciate the guidance I've received, but I hate
      > putting fixes in place without understanding what's broken.
      > Empirical testing shows SOME email addresses appear to stay upper case when
      > they deliver, and others do not.
      > Example:
      > telnet mail.example.com 25
      > EHLO corwyn.net
      > MAIL FROM: dovecot@...
      > RCPT TO: TEST222@...
      > DATA
      > .
      > delivers mail to /var/spool/mail/migration.EXAMPLE.COM (which would be bad,
      > as part of it is upper case).
      > Yet the EXACT same sequence using TEST22@...,
      > TEST2222@..., TEST111@... all deliver
      > to /var/spool/mail/migration.example.com. Only
      > TEST222@... causes mail to be delivered without being
      > lower-cased. (WTF?!?)

      Odd. I cannot reproduce that problem here, also using dovecot as
      virtual_transport. Just to be sure, you are passing at least the 'hu' flags
      to pipe(8) for dovecot's LDA, right? These two flags ensure case-folding,
      which local(8) does by default.

      Sahil Tandon <sahil@...>
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