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252617Re: Case sensitive oddity when mail delivered.

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  • Darren Pilgrim
    Apr 30 10:21 PM
      postfix@... wrote:
      > if I have an account user1@... it works just
      > fine. However, when mail is sent to USER1@... it also
      > delivers, but ends up creating a new file structure so I end up with:
      > /var/spool/mail/example.com/user1 (with lower case mail in it)
      > and
      > /var/spool/mail/EXAMPLE.COM/USER1 (with uppercase mail in it)
      > Any ideas where I would look in postfix to change the case of
      > incoming mail before the email is "deliver"ed to the mailbox?

      Configure Dovecot to case-fold the email address by setting
      auth_username_format = %Lu.
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